Where are all the mental health gyms and yoga studios?

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Something that has always struck me as quite bizarre as I drive around Sunshine Coast is that we seem to have a gym or yoga studio on every corner (quite literally) now don’t get me wrong I’m not insinuating that exercise is not ‘good’ for you but what about our mental health? what about learning how to build a healthy mind so that the way we think is healthier for us, what about learning about our emotions, how to manage our negative ones and how to create healthy ones? what about uncovering the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves?

Many people don’t understand that the main part of ‘yoga’ is actually mental and spiritual. Yoga is actually a discipline designed to improve ones inherent power in a balanced manner. It offers the means to complete Self – realization. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga is ‘yoke’ – yoga is learning how to understand and suppress the modifications of the small-mind, commonly referred to as the ‘ego’ which is basically an illusion/veil of our true Self, once we see through the illusion and by doing so reach union with the Divine (not some man with a white beard flying on a magic carpet! but pure Consciousness) which allows us to live in bliss or heaven on earth. People achieving this are known as enlightened or realized, this is life’s ultimate purpose.

There are many different paths to achieving this but all involve meditation and a quietening and eventual mastering of our mind. It is then and only then that we can realize that we are not our mind but are actually that which observes our mind. Think of it this way, we are designed to become ‘bored’ once we have to much ‘certainty’ in our life that is what encourages us to move on or grow….so once we have mastered our mind and become bored, we move beyond the mind, make sense? Why do we have to wait until our mental health is so poor that we feel we need to be medicated or spend years on a psychologists couch? In a country where the leading cause of death among our young people is suicide. Surely in 2019 we can come up with something better?

So back to my original question, why aren’t there more places where we can ‘exercise’ our mental health? After all, it’s the only way to our peace of mind! the only way to being holistically fit