A Time For Mom to Shine

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Uncovering Fear

Has your last child gone off to school?
Do you come home from school drop off to an ’empty’ home after years of 24/7 children?
Do you feel empty, lonely, or simply not needed as much?
Or do you simply have some extra time on your hands and you are at a loss as to how to use it?

Now what?

Has the realisation dawned on you, that while your kids may be far from ‘independent’, you are simply not needed as much as you were before.  This can be an extremely challenging time in a woman’s life and has the potential to leave you feeling quite isolated as well as placing strain on your relationship with your partner.  After a few weeks of this you begin to wonder what happens now?

With a little time on your hands, it is the perfect opportunity to start making plans and getting constructive about setting goals and taking time to start building on your new future.

Your partner still has his life, your children are beginning to build their own lives. Your goals, your dreams seem like they were from another time and place! Yet, now with a little time on your hands it is the perfect opportunity to begin to revive those goals and dreams!

Why not replace those feelings of emptiness and uncertainty with ones that are full of purpose and direction!  Now could be the perfect opportunity to begin to design your new future! your time to design the New Me!