Life Coaching Services

Psychosocial Recovery Plan

Development of Holistic, person-centred, structured plans.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Person-centred, structured plans.

Personal Life Coaching Sessions

Life Coaching Session

Get Started.  Simple.  Single Sessions.

  • Perfect for those looking for a little push.
  • Feeling overwhelmed?  Bogged down?
  • Life feeling meaningless?
  • Get a fresh perspective.

It may be that you already have in mind clearly defined goals as to what you want to achieve from Life Coaching. These may be professional or personal, specific to your material circumstances or more about changing your perspective and outlook on life.

See what life coaching can do for you.

I will help you to understand how you can realise your full potential, by showing you how to look at your life with a new and fresh perspective. The driving force behind what we do together will always be your own desire for change.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

  • 13 session course
  • online or face to face or a combination of both

New Insights is a structured Life Coaching Programme that is designed to help you to achieve greater self awareness and teaches you how to take more responsibility for your life.

Do you love your self enough to invest in your self to create a better you?

We will work through this Life Coaching Programme to discover the new you.  Re-define who you are.  Be empowered with ways to tackle challenge and handle situations moving forward.

Convenient.  In Your Own Home or Wherever You Are

Making time for Life Coaching has never been simpler.  Whether you’re in the office, in a hotel, at home or even in the car.  Life Coaching sessions can be conveniently scheduled online or by phone.


Life Coaching Session by Session or Structured Course Options

Online life coaching with Skype or Google Hangouts.