What is Post Traumatic Growth?

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The buzz word these days is PTSD and PTS. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress. For me I look at this from the potential growth that can take place from Post Traumatic Stress. How can we try to find benefit from this experience? How can you use that experience to grow?

Post Traumatic growth is the metamorphosis of self, a challenging yet fascinating and transformative experience for those fortunate enough to have the patience, courage, support and guidance to achieve.

This is not about merely recovering, it is about a whole new self being created.

“A mighty flame followth a tiny spark”  Dante

The key to post traumatic growth is becoming a new person – building yourself anew.  Build yourself from the pieces that are your shattered life to create yourself a new mosaic of yourself.

What does this mean… let’s put this in simple terms.  Once you’ve experienced something traumatic, you can’t be the same person you once were.  Embrace that.  You are different from and for your experience.  Use that experience to re-define who you are for personal growth.

You cannot grow without overcoming the adversity in your life.

From being shattered to a life full of wonder and purpose.