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It may be that you already have in mind clearly defined goals as to what you want to achieve from Life Coaching or you may just be feeling a little lost. These goals may be professional or personal, specific to your material circumstances or more about changing your inner perspectives and thus your outlook on life.

I am able to offer Life Coaching options that follow a structured course of sessions or alternatively free-flow sessions which are not part of a pre-defined program. Working in this way, the decision is yours as to how many or how few Life Coaching sessions you attend in order to achieve the growth you desire. You choose what areas of growth and development you want to focus on and I tailor a program of coaching sessions that are designed to ensure you achieve your desired goals or dreams.

These coaching sessions, tools and techniques are part of an intensive action plan which when sustained will create the process of change. Designed to transform your perspectives and thought patterns and to look at life with a new set of eyes with the ultimate aim of growing you to your full potential. Driven by you and supported by me over the course of our working together you will discover a renewed purpose for life from within.

It is important to understand that my role as a Life Coach is not to solve your problems — instead, my function is to empower you with the abilities needed to realise your full potential in what ever aspect of life you have chosen to change or grow in. The driving force behind what we do together will always be your own desire for change. As a Life Coach my primary goal with my clients is to create independence, not dependency.

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