New Insights Life Coaching Programme™

New Insights Life Coaching Programme™

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

New Insights is a structured Life Coaching Programme that is designed to help you to achieve greater awareness and to take more responsibility for your life.

Our aim as we work together through this programme is first to discover what it is that you want to change about your life and, just as importantly, why it is that you want to change. Effective change is only possible when you are ready to embrace it and because you want something to be different, not because of what other people think or say about you. Real change comes from within.

One of the most valuable aspects of the New Insights Life Coaching Programme™ is the way that we use goals to measure the growth you achieve. You also have opportunities to put into practice what you learn by looking at the ways you respond when faced when with adversity and difficult situations.

As we progress through the programme, we will explore the following topics and themes:

  1. Goals — the building blocks of success
  2. Resources and Milestones — essential stepping stones to your goals
  3. Beliefs — how your beliefs move you closer to success
  4. Motivation — breaking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive
  5. Values — adopting a value structure for ultimate success
  6. Rules — uncover your hidden rules and always feel good
  7. The Six Human Needs — which ones do you need met?
  8. Communication and Projection — all communication is projection
  9. Responsibility — the foundation for freedom
  10. Questions — the answer to everything
  11. Long-Term Goals — what would you really love to do?
  12. Purpose — true meaning in life
  13. Celebration time!


The programme can be broken down into separate units, or you can choose to undertake the entire programme. Life coaching sessions can be arranged weekly or fortnightly, to fit in with your work schedule and other commitments.