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MONEY, Money, Money

What stops some people from succeeding financially and having abundance in their lives?

The answer is generally related to a misguided belief that such people entertain…that financial success is simply not a possibility. At some level (often quite deep and quite hidden) these people simply don’t believe that they’re capable of achieving financial freedom.

If you have limiting beliefs about money at an unconscious level, it will be difficult to move beyond financial limitations because your unconscious mind will sabotage any efforts you make to succeed. This is why some people end up living from pay cheque to pay cheque struggling to make ends meet their whole lives. At a conscious level, most people believe they’re doing everything possible to achieve their goals. However, in some, there is a part of the unconscious mind that doesn’t believe they are destined to achieve success. The more we avoid confronting issues at the unconscious level, the more obstacles to what we consciously desire will continue to show up in our everyday lives.

That’s just the way our mind works!

Think of all the people you know who seem to have a very positive, possibly even obsessive intent about creating financial success and yet never seem to get there. You know – the type of person who has read the entire ‘Think and Grow Rich’ series of books, attended every financial seminar available, joined every money making scheme and said daily affirmations about making more money…all to little avail. The problem with such an approach i.e trying to follow what other successful people have done is neglecting the core issue that’s holding them back – a limiting belief. Below I have listed some of the most common limiting beliefs:

  1. “You need money to make money.”
  2. “I don’t have enough money to plan with.”
  3. “I’ve left it to late in my life. I’ll have to make do.”
  4. “If I invest money now, the markets will go down for sure.”
  5. “The whole financial thing is just too complicated for me.”

These are all cause/effect beliefs that have little to do with achieving abundance. We often misguidedly think that the solution to financial success lies outside of – or external to – ourselves (hence the constant search for the ‘magic money-making bullet”) when in reality, the keys to prosperity exist within!

Abundance is not about what a person has. It is about his or her state of mind!

Many people who succeed in life from a financial perspective do so because they hold positive beliefs about prosperity and abundance. When we understand cause and effect and move from that realm to the realm of possibility. Generating ideas by asking “What is possible?” we move to a whole different level of thinking – one where we are expanding our mental frames around money. Sadly, instead of focusing on what is possible, most of us spend a lot of time thinking about what they don’t have. An interesting self-fulfilling prophecy scenario develops. We become angry or resentful over our situation and this of course simply creates more limitations and barriers in our lives, leading to a lack of of exactly what it is we desire so badly!

The law of attraction states – you get what you consistently focus your attention on – good or bad!

It’s so much easier to get ahead in life when you’re coming from a peaceful state of mind as opposed to an angry or resentful one. The first step in developing an abundance mindset is to explore the source of one’s beliefs pertaining to money. Below I have listed two common examples of situations which create limiting beliefs about abundance.

  1. You may have had parents who lived in poverty and subsequently formed a ‘Depression Era’ mentality. This can result in you developing an unconscious belief that you will always have to ‘struggle’ financially because that’s what your parents did.
  2. Another common one is when you have a parent tell you over and over again that “you’ll never make it in life’ – and eventually begin to believe it.

It’s very common for us to form limiting beliefs around money and abundance, unconsciously, at an early age. These types of limiting beliefs are often referred to, in coaching as ‘imprints’. An imprint is basically a powerfully ingrained memory, one that relates back to an early age, and often serves as a ‘root’ for both the limiting and empowering beliefs that we start to form as children.

Identifying your limiting beliefs is a critical first step. Next you need begin to challenge their validity and finally replace them with beliefs which support the life you would love to live.

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