Why A Life Coach? Do I Really Need One?

Learning From Dying, Five Common Regrets

Have you ever thought about a life coach?  Perhaps someone might have mentioned that a life coach might be able to help you.  Ask yourself these questions and consider whether a life coach can help you.

  • Are you struggling emotionally?
  • Have you been through something traumatic?
  • Are you consistently avoiding confronting the trauma?

We offer professional trauma support companion services where you have the freedom to be candid, to peel back the layers you’ve built up to protect yourself and help cope.  But it is that coping mechanism that needs to be unwrapped so you can deal with the trauma and be able to move forward.

  • Does confronting your trauma leave you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel alone on your journey towards recovery and growth?
  • Would you like someone to have no expectations of you to do things a certain way, would you just like to be, sad, angry, frightened or hopeful?

Our personal life coaching helps you get on track with your journey toward recovery and then on to growth.

  • Would you like help to stay focused on your needs and strengths?
  • Would you like someone to share all your emotions with, without feelings of shame?
  • Would you like someone who will not think you crazy because of what you are thinking?
  • Would you like someone who will be ok with you repeating yourself?
  • Would you like someone who has actual experience of what you may be going through?
  • Would you like someone who will do some things with me, so you can get a break from the way you feel?
  • Would you like someone to walk along side you on your journey?

Whether you’ve experienced extreme trauma or you are simply feeling lost for no particular reason.  Our life coaching helps you transition from surviving to thriving.

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