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Life Coaching – For People Who Give a Damn

In order to benefit fully from life coaching, you need to make time for it.

Everyone can benefit from a life coach.  Are you in Sunshine Coast looking for a Life Coach, I am here to guide you on your journey to an empowered self and a more fulfilling life.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Life coaching is about empowering yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to make the best of your life. Working together, we use life’s difficulties and adversity to find a new outlook and discover ways in which to transform how you think and live.

As part of the life coaching process, we will explore the language that we use about ourselves, and how becoming aware of this can change and widen our perspectives on life. We also focus on the self, and come to an understanding of how greater awareness of the self makes us more open to learning.

You will also learn how greater awareness and mindfulness will help you to dismiss the thought patterns and negative beliefs that prevent you from growing and transforming your life. In this way, life coaching can help you turn your goals and dreams into reality.

My specialty as a life coach is to help you to see the potential for growth in the adversity we face in our lives.

I will empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create lasting change in your life.

What Can You Expect from a Life Coach?

Life coaching is about changing your perspective, and changing how you live. My aim as a Life Coach is to help you to realise that you are so much bigger than you think you are.

As we work together, I will show you ways in which you can grow from within and make the most of your life. You will learn how to turn adversity into a growth opportunity so that you no longer fear it.

Through understanding what trauma teaches you, you will learn to become more aware of yourself and others, so that you become more appreciative of relationships and more connected with life.

The desire to live a life of meaning drives everything that you do, and the process of finding meaning gives your life purpose, and is what makes you feel fulfilled.

As we work together, you will learn how to use difficulties to find new perspective, and how you can enhance your life by understanding what the pain you experience is teaching you. As a consequence, you will attain greater physical awareness of the self and greater awareness of the people around you, and this new perspective will transform the way that you live.

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    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Before doing the course I would have said I was a well adjusted person leading a normal life - albeit with a few issues but who doesn't that's normal.  Now I know much differently.
      What I thought I was in control of I wasn't.  Did I know how to handle issues and solve them?  No!  I thought I did but they weren't working.
      I now have a clear picture of what I want by setting goals, how to get there and am now empowered with tools to help me achieve those goals.
      I am now a much calmer and focused person, back in control of my life instead of my life controlling me.
      Thank you Andrew.
      World Masters Athletics Gold Medalist
    • Jeff Strachan
      Thanks so much for your help.  It certainly is motivational to work with you.
      Jeff Strachan
    • A life coach will help coach you to find a level of clarity and purpose in your life that would be difficult to achieve alone. 
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Best value for money ever.  I experienced the greatest learning curve in my life.  I cannot recommend Andrew and the course highly enough.
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Andrew actually gives a shit!  I feel I am much more in control of my life now.
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Guaranteed to create lasting change in your life.
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Simply life changing!  I have my peace of mind back!
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Bring it on world.  I'm ready for anything you can throw at me.
    • Don't be better, be different
    • The real yoga is the yoga of the mind.
    • Without a healthy mind and healthy emotions, you will never be content.
    • Thich Nhathanh
      "There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way..."
      Thich Nhathanh
    • It isn't about the pain, it's about the gain from the pain.
    • Invest in yourself, you're worth it. When you invest in yourself you control the outcome.
    • Adversity offers you great opportunity. Through greater self awareness, all is possible. Engage. Empower. Enlighten.
    • My mind and my heart are my guides and self-awareness is the key to revealing their true potential.
    • Buddha
      If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.
    • Nietzsche
      What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
    • 5 star Sunshine Coast life coach
      Thanks for everything.Outstanding. Andrew listens to understand, and distills thoughts and concepts down to their simplest form, guiding you towards understanding how you think about your world, and so then, how you can change it. Without a doubt, Andrew helped to clear my mind, and focus on what was necessary to achieve my goal.